If you or someone in your family is planning a wedding this or next year, you might be starting by researching 2019 trendy color ideas for your wedding… No need to panic if you haven’t picked your colors, decided on a wedding style, or chosen your dress just yet. So, we gathered some information for you to make it easier for our brides. Take a look at these top 2019 wedding colors and get inspired! You are likely to see brides incorporating trendy new colors with classic favorites. If you are a bride looking for a winning beautiful color combination, you will find these ideas interesting. We anticipate new color trends to be bright, bold, and rich. A well-chosen wedding color palette has at least 3 shades of color. You should aim to have a primary color, a secondary color and at least one final accent color, but 1 or 2 more is not frowned upon.

Whether your style is classic or modern, elegant or rustic, simple or bohemian, we can help you make these trending color palettes work for your 2019 wedding.

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a simple, yet sophisticated shade of pink that will be seen quite a bit in 2019. It makes a perfect wedding color for any wedding style and looks great year around. Dusty rose pairs well with greenery and rich navy-blue tones. This color illustrates pure romance and sets the table for a timeless appeal that can be used with any wedding theme.

Sunset Yellow

Sunshine is what defines summer time, and that’s why we think sunset yellow is going to be the trending color for summer 2019 weddings. Sunset yellow is fresh and warm just like the summer days we all love. This color pairs well with rich blues, white, and sangria. It’s bold, fun and the ultimate color for a relaxing summer wedding. Use it as an accent color or make a statement by using it as your primary color to leave a memorable impression on your wedding guests.


We are excited about the color cranberry because it’s very similar to burgundy with a bit more red added in. Cranberry will work well all year long, but we are really loving it as a fall or winter season wedding color. Cakes full of rich texture and color are trending in 2019, and we think a cranberry colored cake full of rippled icing or eye grabbing sugar flowers would make a lasting impression. It works as a great accent color for groomsmen attire or as a lovely color for a bright wedding cake. Consider adding some gold or taupe to go big and bright. The contrast will really make your décor pop to life and add to your fall or winter atmosphere.

Shades of Blue

Blue is considered a good luck charm! Who doesn’t want to throw a wedding full of lovely blue hues? In the past blues haven’t been used as a primary wedding color, but we are loving the idea of blue themed wedding. There are so many different shades of blue that pair well together and look great on all skin tones. Dress your bridesmaids in different contrasting shades such as dusty blue and navy to achieve a gorgeous look. And who doesn’t love a man in a blue suit? Shades of blue work year around as a wedding colors and will sure to be a palette of show stopping color at any wedding.

We love all these colors for 2019, and one of the best things about these four trending colors is that they allow freedom for creativity. All these colors pair well with other colors so you will be sure not to run out of options or ideas. No matter what, it is important to choose colors that fit your personal wedding style or theme. So have fun and play around with colors and use these trends as inspiration for the wedding of your dreams.

Let us know your favorite wedding color for 2019! And don’t forget to share your trending wedding colors with us so we can see how fabulous your special day looks.