1. What if we have two locations for our wedding?

It’s not uncommon for couples to hold their ceremony in a location separate from their reception space. So, without a wedding planner, who coordinates the outside vendors (florists, musicians, makeup artists, etc.) and where they are going?

Without a wedding planner, that falls on the couple; adding unnecessary stress to their big day.

2. Who reviews the other vendor contracts?

Without a wedding planner, the couple will be on their own. No extra set of eyes and a professional stand point to review the contracts and make sure all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.

3. Who makes the timeline?

When it comes to a wedding, the timeline is vital to ensuring the day stays on schedule and everyone involved is in the right place at the right time.

4. Who is there to coordinate everyone down the aisle?

When it’s ceremony time, usually venue coordinators are out of the picture. So, who will be the one to time everyone down the aisle? The Wedding Planner! This goes for the grand entrance, too!

5. Who is the one to give professional guidance throughout planning?

Wedding planners are the ones who live and breathe weddings day-in and day-out. We are experienced with multiple venues, have relationships with the best vendors and are passionate about making certain that your special day is stress free and memorable.