Every couple has a vision of their big day being the most unique and memorable event ever, whether it is an elopement, a micro-wedding, or a grand affair. To create an experience that hypnotizes and showcases your unique style and story, incorporate unique wedding details to ensure your wedding is the party of all parties, the ONE to remember. Make your big day stand out!!
A wedding theme can give you and your wedding coordinator somewhere to start. It gives the wedding a focal point, helps to frame the wedding’s overall style, and really helps with making decisions on wedding décor, colors, menu, seating arrangements, entertainment and more.
From pop culture themes to nostalgia filled affairs, we’ve planned creatively themed weddings over the years. We hope these unique themes and ideas for your ceremony and reception get you thinking about what your wedding can be and what will make a lasting impression.


Oooh! What wonders one can do to truly make this theme unique and entertaining in a sophisticated way with just a touch of spookiness. Create a dramatic, slightly gothic atmosphere by hanging antique crystal with arrangements of natural branches in glass vessels. Use an eclectic mix of goblets, mercury glass, or brushed gold candelabras and lots & lots of candlesticks or, pillar candles in various heights. Moody or deep jewel color tones for florals with white and/or black pumpkins! Ornate skulls and the mantra “Until Death Do Us Part” is equally romantic & macabre. Engage your guests by providing masquerade masks and performing decorations such as a fortune teller, or contortionist. Add a cabinet of curiosity (bar) for concocting cocktails for your guests and an AURA photo booth for more entertainment!


Cirque D’Amour

For the greatest Love Story on Earth, celebrate under the big top with a vintage circus themed wedding.
Giant lighted letters, vintage parasols, circus font banners, and splashes of bold color. Step right up to a photo booth a little different than the others; an inflatable 1000 lbs dumbbell or giant poster cutouts where guests can pose as the bearded lady, or the ringmaster. Add on to the menu with individual food stands and/or circus snacks to enjoy throughout the reception. And for performing décor, think about acrobats, aerialists, fire dancers, sword swallowers, stilt walkers and a caricature artist. This show immersive theme will keep your guests in amazement.



You love the same bands, you have a collection of ticket stubs for all the shows you’ve seen together so, why not throw the most Rockin’ concert themed wedding and celebrate your day with all your biggest fans!!! Use old vinyl records or a guitar for your guest book and/or amps to display your cake or desserts. Ditch the traditional white gown and go for a rock glam look and/or have a dress change for
the encore! An exclusive ONE NIGHT ONLY invitation ticket, a posted lineup, reserved VIP Badge seating, and Backstage passes for escort cards. Treat your guest to something absolutely spectacular!


Love on the Silver Screen

There are so many movies you can pull inspiration from for your BIG DAY!! You might have a personal connection to the movie, could it be the one you went on your first date? Or a movie that you also read the books for or one you are just a huge fan of. Perhaps a movie that has the era and styling you love? Big-day elements like tablescapes, seating charts, colors scheme and florals can easily be designed with your favorite film in mind.

  • Alice in Wonderland
    How long is forever? Sometimes, just one second” – Alice & the White Rabbit
    Take your guests Through the Looking Glass and down the rabbit hole to your Wonderland wedding. Immerse your guests in larger than life blooms for your ceremony and and for an over the top reception, a Mad Hatter tea party! Lead your guest down this journey starting with a Wonderland worthy invitation and make them curiouser and curiouser of what awaits them. Create a photo corner of gilded mirrors, mixed armchairs, a Victorian couch, and themed objects. Mix classic elegance and eclectic whimsical touches that are both fun and gorgeous! Go with a bold color palette inspired by this literary classic for a perfect springtime wedding or, try a dramatic mood color palette inspired by Tim Burton for a unique fall/winter wedding.
    And don’t forget to play croquet!


  • Harry Potter
    Though you may not have received your own Hogwarts acceptance letter, it can be a magical way to celebrate and create a spellbinding bash. Give your guests a glimpse of the magic to come with Marauder’s Map invitations including a ticket to Platform 9 ¾ . Above the alter or sweetheart table, two iconic quotes or wording on a banner such as “Unbreakable Vow” or “Always” are must-have nods to this heptalogy. (series of 7 movies). A sorting hat and golden snicket can guard the seating chart with sorcerous trinkets or wands for your guests. Towering candelabras, red roses with untamed greenery across the tables, and of course, candles, candles, and more candles to fill your ‘Great Hall.’ Floating or on the table, they can transform a reception from muggle to magic. Treat your guests to a Honeydukes inspired candy/dessert bar. Make your grand exit through an arc of wands.


  • Game of Thrones
    A wedding is coming!! To evoke an atmosphere of medieval fantasy that goes better than the infamous Red Wedding, pair elaborate patterns and gold details with dark or rich jewel tones to create a moody and elegant look. Have your ceremony in a woodland setting or, create it inside with aged logs, moss, and lush florals. Add decorative touches to your table such as goblets, metallic cutlery and an abundance of floral arrangements with moody colors or a deep color palette of blues and earth tones. Dine at long tables topped with wildflowers, fruit, and greenery with goblets and candelabras. A map of Westeros seating plan so the guests can sit in their houses with a cake fit for a mother of Dragons. Set the Romantic tone with words “you are the moon of my life, my sun and my stars” and at the end of it all, the union of two Great Houses.

  • UP
    Your love is your greatest adventure, so a show stopping arrival or exit in a Hot Air Balloon with quick trips for your guests to take could really be extra!!!! The UP theme gives you the ability to fill your wedding with whimsical details and colorful balloons that reflect this heartwarming tale of adventure & love. Imagine your guests having a ‘picnic on the green’ for the cocktail hour. Create a luxurious lounge in the reception area with Ellie & Carl arm chairs. Have your groomsmen’s boutonnieres be the Ellie Badge (Grape Soda cap pin). And, guests can leave you love notes in your own personalized handprint mailbox before or after they wander through all the photographs in your Adventure Book!

We know there are so many ideas, themes, and styles to choose from so be sure that your theme reflects the kind of couple you are and best represents your Happily Ever After! And, hiring a professional wedding planner is the best way to help you to plan, execute and enjoy your special day, because in your dreams, every detail matters.