As we continue to have the pleasure of planning and designing with our dynamic couples, we understand that the landscape of weddings is rapidly changing during this time. We’ve been lucky to have worked with so many wonderful venues so we want to share with you the possibility of having your wedding at a Private Estate. A wedding at a home, mansion, chateau or at a mountainside etc. can provide the perfect setting for an intimate, unique, and romantic environment for you and your guests. Here are a few things to be aware of and to consider when planning this type of wedding.


A great perk of getting married at a private estate is having full creative freedom on the different aspects of the day. When you connect with the venue of your dreams, its style can help to dictate the vibe/theme of your wedding. For example, you may have a mid-century modern vibe in Palm Springs, a bohemian styled event in Joshua tree, an art deco vibe in Downtown Los Angeles, or an ethereal natural vibe in Big Bear. Another bonus to holding your nuptials at a private estate is that it offers a blank slate, which empowers you to conceptualize a fresh and modern take on the property.

A little side note about us, we absolutely love personalizing private estates to fit our client’s aesthetic direction!


Unlike some venues that have a specific or in-house vendors, you are able to choose which vendors you want! This is best done with the advice and/or recommendations of your wedding planner. Some estates will allow you to have the property for the full day vs. a set amount of hours and may even have the option of an overnight stay! Depending on your budget, guest count, and style … you could mix things up by having your ceremony on a scenic, lush private estate and your reception at a favorite restaurant.

Endless Photo Opportunities

Estates have so many gorgeous nooks for photo opportunities. Make sure that you and your photographer tour the estate before your wedding date. Get to know the features and layout of the estate and show your photographer the different rooms/locations throughout the property you would like to use/highlight.


As with any venue, traditional or private, there will be some things that are not included. At some private estates, you will most likely need to bring in and/or rent items that you generally wouldn’t at a hotel or country club (i.e tables, chairs, linens, lighting). Be sure to include these types of additional rental costs in your budget. Then, source additional vendors for obtaining them and coordinate logistics of the delivery and pick-up times well in advance. Depending on the private estate (venue/personal home), there may not be enough on-site parking available to accommodate all of your guests so a valet and/or shuttle service may be needed.

Get Professional Help

Before you book any venue, hire a wedding planner. They will be your best resource to navigate the location and save you time and money. Most private estates generally work on an exclusive basis through wedding planners who are well versed in the logistics of coordinating a wedding. With so many details to consider, having an expert you can rely on is vital to help balance and orchestrate both your vision and the viability of the property thus,  creating less opportunity for misunderstandings and/or costly mistakes. Is it worth it? Absolutely You’ll be able to relax and bask in the moment, looking into your loves’ eyes, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, while the band plays softly as the lights are twinkling in the trees on the Gatsby-like grounds.

Because in your dreams, every detail matters – Sd Special Events Team