Wedding celebrations are a constant evolving art of self-expression. The popularity of small intimate or micro weddings is undeniable. Many couples have chosen to have an intimate wedding for various reasons, may it be budget, location, life circumstances, etc. Just because it is small doesn’t mean it can’t be grand! Intimate and micro weddings do not differ in the sense that there is always a ceremony and a reception, however, these smaller weddings give couples the opportunity to have a very personal and incredibly unique event while providing the opportunity to personalize and enhance the experience for you and your guests. Get creative! Go big, get outside the box, stretch your budget and splurge on that things that matter the most to you such as, a top-notch wedding coordinator, that dream photographer, exquisite décor, a decadent dinner and more. Let’s explore other BIG ideas for smaller in size weddings.

Unique Venue

With a smaller-sized wedding you can have it somewhere that is meaningful to you. Of course you can go always go with a traditional venue (ballrooms, estates, country clubs, etc.,) however, with a small guest list a world of non-traditional venues (private estates and homes, national parks, galleries, breweries, cityscape roof tops, etc.) can curate the vision you’ve always dreamed about. Private Estates and homes can provide a unique and personal touch to intimate weddings. With our exclusive list of estates in Southern California, Sd Special Events will find the perfect venue for you.

Great Company and Atmosphere

And now…the guest list! The size of an intimate or micro wedding may vary between 10% of your original guest list, such as downsizing from 100 to 10, to curating a guest list of 20-40 close friends and family. Either way, your intimate/micro wedding will be with your true nearest and dearest at heart. The ones who love, support, and encourage you both.

With a larger guest count, the timeline may be a little more restrictive making it challenging to engage with each and every guest in a meaningful way beyond the usual ‘thank you for coming’. Even though the same formalities take place in intimate weddings; photos, first dance, grand entrance, parent dances, etc. you will have more time to interact with each and every guest throughout the day, thus creating a fun, relaxed, and timeless atmosphere.

Splurge on Delicious Food and Drinks

Sometimes a larger guest count can limit your budget in terms of food selection, and drinks however, with an intimate gathering your budget can provide a more luxurious experience. You can really personalize every detail of the menu with so many possibilities. Upgrade your dinner plans to an indulgent five course meal, with wine or spirit pairings. Lavish your guest with lobster ceviche served in martini glasses, a crisp belly pork canape or a citrus-cured sea bass on blinis with crème fraiche. Serve up a curated craft beer brewed specially for your wedding or go for a bubbly bar!

Over the Top Experience

Just because its smaller in number doesn’t mean you can’t have a grand, gorgeous, memorable wedding and, hiring a wedding planner is advisable. You’ll still need someone who will simplify all the planning. Let them take care of everything from design concepts, coordinating with venues, caterers, photographers, musicians, DJ’s and other vendors. On the day of your wedding, they will ensure that you and your guests have the best experience!

We hope these tips help you get as excited about smaller weddings as we are. With the right wedding planning team you can be assured to have an incredibly intimate event. Let’s plan that wedding of your dreams, because in your dreams, every detail matters.