If you are a pet-lover, you understand the precious bond shared between furry companions and their humans. As an integral part of our day-to-day lives, it’s only logical for many families to include them in special celebrations. An increasing trend is to feature your pet(s) in weddings and other special events! This “little” detail is something that needs to be discussed early on as it can have quite the domino-effect on your wedding day without proper planning and preparation. Hiring a professional wedding planner can help you figure out how to best include your pet(s) into your nuptials in a creative and amusing way. In this blog we’ll share some tips focusing mostly on dogs however, we hope that with this information, your pets can make your event just as unique.

Things to Consider

Pet Personality

You know your pet(s) best so think of their personalities first. Not every pet will be the best candidate to attend an important event. If your pet is obedient, well-behaved, friendly and comfortable being around many people including children – your furry ball of cuteness will most likely be a delight to have at a wedding. On the other hand, if your pet is shy, aggressive or loud, you may want to make arrangements to bring them in for only a part of the ceremony or choose not to have them attend. Keep in mind, that your pet’s behavior may change in a new environment and/or when exposed to loud noises, music, lots of people etc.

Venue Selection

Unless you are planning a backyard wedding, ask each venue about their dog/animal policy and if there are any restrictions or limitations. When walking the venue, see if they have or can provide an outdoor area for your pet.

Information to Guests

Be sure to tell your guests, on the invitations and on other forms of communication, that your pet(s) will be present. This will allow those with allergies to come prepared so that everyone is able to enjoy your special day.

Style and Safety

Nothing is cuter than having your pet run around in a tux with a bow tie, but they should be used to and well-adjusted to wardrobe changes, otherwise it could quickly turn into a bit of a chaotic disaster. Ask your florist which flowers they can recommend for your wedding decorations that will not be poisonous to pets. Lastly, bring your pet/s to any and all rehearsals so you can get them acquainted with the venue and the process beforehand.

Pet Photography

An excellent way to include your pet in the wedding is simply by including him or her in your wedding photos. Your wedding planner and photographer can help you with fun ideas to create the perfect images from your photo shoot.

Pet Sitter

Plan ahead! Speak with your wedding coordinator on exactly what you want your pet’s role to be so you can work out where the pet/s will be before, during and after the ceremony. You may want to hire a designated pet-sitter/s to take care of your fur babies for the day and the evening so you, your family and friends can enjoy the celebration!

On this very special occasion, if your pet plays an important part in your life, go ahead and include your pet at this joyous event! Hiring a professional wedding planner to help you design an animal-friendly event will bring all your dreams to life and ease your mind.

Because in your dreams, every detail matters.