Tale as old as time…” a vintage Era styled wedding is romantic, visually stunning, and like your love…TIMELESS. Capture the elegance of a bygone era with personal touches that will make any of these themes a time to remember. A great way to share your inspiration is with the perfect Stationary, one that vibes well with your theme. After all, it is the first glimpse your guests will see of the special day you have planned. And, to make sure your day flows well, captures all the little details of your Era of choice, and is completely Stress Free, hire a professional wedding planner!

Putting on the Ritz

This era is just the Bee’s Knees. Let your imagination take over and recreate the glitz and glamour of the 1920s when Art Deco-influenced design was everywhere, jazz was born and the ‘flapper’ style took the world by storm. This theme will first take center stage when you send your save the dates cards and invitations inspired by the era (think bold colors and intricate borders and shapes). Select a venue that has Art Deco architecture or utilize the beautiful outdoor lawn of an estate. Hiring a wedding planner will give you access to the exclusive properties they partner with so you can find the perfect place to fit your theme. There are plenty of decorations, ideas, furniture, and designs left over from this era, and many artists breathe new life into the style every day. Utilize your wedding planner’s expertise combined with your personal style to create lounge areas with Art Deco-inspired furnishings and fabrics. Use metallics as an accent in your color palette and include it in your table settings such as in your plate chargers, candlesticks holders, or the flower vase/box. Your attire should be highly influenced by nods to the ’20s, with beading and lace, feathers, or fringe and don’t forget the pearls! Long Metallic and/or flapper-style bridesmaids dresses may be the best way to be the “cat’s meow” and complete the look. Let your guest know that dressing in the theme isn’t’ required, but it’s definitely encouraged! Toast with vintage signature drinks with a large swing style band or while 1920’s music plays during the cocktail hour and dinner. Create a show stopping send-off and drive away in a 1928 Chevrolet Landau Coupe, 1928 Hispano-Suiza, or a 1929 Ruxton Model C Roadster to end the evening in style.

A Golden Era

The 50’s! An era full of fun, fashion, romance and passion for the simple things in life, especially LOVE. From glam to rockabilly, the ’50s are the glory days of Polaroids, Pin-ups, & Pop art. Use bold but simple, prints, or textures, and solid colors for both fashion and décor. Tablescapes should be rich in tones but simple with minimal decor. Styling for this epic era is quite fabulous, whether you are thinking of an Audrey-esque tea length or a floor length a la Jackie Kennedy. Oh, and a femme fatale form fitting dress could make an appearance! Don’t forget classic 50’s make up-winged eyeliner and red lips. Dress your dolls (bridesmaids) in something fun and feminine, think fit and flare dresses or, add petticoats for maximum bounce. For the gents, only their best will do…double-breasted blazers, dinner jackets, seersucker suits or leather jackets, bowling shirts and sneakers, it’s about being Suave and Sophisticated from the Glam to the Greaser! Host a cocktail hour with signature mixed drinks (Tom Collins, Whiskey Sours, White Russian) complete with petit fours and canapes. Your professional wedding planner is essential to help you conjure the feeling and look of this amazing era as entertainment is key in the ’50s. Have a host for the games your guests will play, or have an impersonator, perhaps Elvis to Frank Sinatra to engage your guests, and as the night draws to an end, make the exit and drive off into the future in a classic car such as a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, 1955 Pontiac Bonneville, 1953 Aston Martin DB1, or 1959 Lincoln Continental, just to name a few.

The Swinging 60’s From Mod to Boho style


The 1960s brought the explosion of youth culture featuring revolutionary clothing plus music from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones!! This exciting and exuberant decade has plenty of room for creative interpretation. Setting the style for a Mod theme 60’s wedding is all about bright colors, big bouffants, oversized hair bows, shorter hemlines (great for bridesmaids’ dresses) and classic shapes. Your groom and groomsmen can rock a suit in a muted color with a skinny tie and maybe, a fedora! Go to town with a vivid color palette for your florals and table centerpieces. During your cocktail hour, add a cool little food trend of the ’60s…fondue, a melted cheese dish served in a communal pot! Brightly colored drinks were all the rage (Martinis, Blue Hawaiians, etc). A Volkswagen Photobooth Van would be such a groovy touch for you and your guests. The sounds of the sixties are generally joyful with lots of light-hearted pop music. From “Love Me Do” to “From Me to You” the Beatles were the Music Gods of the era but, they weren’t the only ones…talk to your DJ and make sure to include some of the greatest hits of the early 60’s to have people on the dance floor till the end.


For the free-spirited couple choosing the best facets of a traditional style wedding but in a carefree hippy 60’s fashion, Nature and Boho/Hippy go hand in hand. Dive in and embrace it! The best boho weddings feature lots of leaves, vines, petals, and flowers. Cascading bouquets are ‘it’ for our boho couples, think peonies, ranunculus, and black elderberry foliage. Get creative with flower tiaras, accessories, long flowing gowns and for your bridesmaid’s dress prints. Rich textures will make a great visual impact on your guests and for your photoshoot. Adorn your entire wedding with heavy-textured backdrops, table runners, and greenery to create a unified look. Wrap your centerpieces or create backdrops with woven designs, and don’t be shy about including some feathers. Perhaps, find a stunning outdoor venue with the glamour and grace necessary for a chic wedding then, add dramatic candlelight to make it feel even more upscale! Towering trees and stunning greenery details will round out the natural look.

We are sure that these ideas will inspire and expand your vision! However, with so many different types of themes and variations, we understand that it can be a little overwhelming. A professional wedding planner is just what you need to assist you in framing your wedding’s overall style and feeling while keeping track of all the details. We hope you will look to us to join you in creating the wedding of your dreams, because in your dreams, every detail matters.