Congratulations, you’re engaged!!! YAY!!!!!

We’re so happy for you, and we know that the upcoming weeks are guaranteed to feel like a whirlwind, so enjoy the moment with your partner, stare at your beautiful ring and bask in the engagement phase of your love. No need to jump into wedding planning mode right away however, there are a few to-do’s to tackle first…

Time to “tweet

Now you are ready share the news… what should you do, who do you tell first? A traditional way is to first tell each partner’s parents, close relatives, then friends. However, we understand if you want to tell some friends that are just like family first. Facetime, Whats App or Zoom are great ideas if you can’t meet in person, or a special dinner could be the perfect setting. Be sure to take a snapshot of their reactions!

After you’ve told everyone closest to you, it’s okay to post a selfie on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, etc. #isaidyes

Oh, and those snapshots from family & friend calls will make for some fun posts!

Let’s Celebrate

Why not plan an engagement party with all your nearest and dearest? Or let your parents or friends organize and host, if they offer. For now, just enjoy being a newly engaged couple. You can keep your engagement party casual, it’s just a time to get together, celebrate and share some laughs. If socializing in person is not an option, well, have a little fancy Zoom engagement party. You could have a theme and request that everyone dress up accordingly. Remember, everyone invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding, so plan this guest list wisely. Be sure to record the gathering as it is part of your history in the making. This is the time to have fun, before you get into wedding planning mode.

Practical Tip

It is a good idea to insure your engagement ring. If you choose to purchase insurance, it will cover against damages, loss and/or robbery. You can add the ring to an existing home-owner or renters insurance policy, or you can purchase insurance through an independent company that specializes in jewelry.

Now, we know it’s not the most exciting thing on this list, but just in case you lose it, damage it, or if it’s stolen; you’re covered.

And, if it is a little loose or a little tight, you’ll want to get to your jeweler asap, you definitely don’t want it slipping off or sticking to your finger!

Research. Book. Hire.

Following the announcement, we know it’s hard to not to talk about the wedding when everyone is asking you about it. However, you may want to start by having honest conversations between just the two of you about what is important for each of you; how big your family and circle of friends are; your styles; if you want a big wedding or a more intimate event; about seasonal preferences, location and finally… about money and budget. This is the time to dream and to consider the more sensible side of your big day.Find out if family members can contribute by paying for something or helping out in any other way and be sure to reach an agreement between the two of you before talking to any family member, so that you know where you both stand and what you need help with.

Then, it is time to research and find a wedding planner. It can be hard to find a good venue that fits all your vision as the best ones are often booked years in advance. Hiring a planner will not only save you time, and get you some of the best venues and vendors, it will be the best investment you can make in you, for your special day.

Because in your dreams, every detail matters.